Monday, May 7, 2007

Adobe Bricks

Driving from Patzcuaro to Erongaricuaro to have a delicious trucha al mojo de ajo (trout sauted in garlic) at the Restaurante Campestre Aleman we spied a good crop of adobe bricks curing in the sun. Adobe has good thermal qualities and lasts well if properly topped off with tiles to keep it from getting saturated by rain. Adobe is mud made from a clay soil with straw added. Don't try this at home during the rainy season--you will end up with what looks like wet cow pies.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Choose your Chair

Each pueblo in the Patzcuaro area specializes in a craft. Opopeo, just a few minutes away by car, specializes in making--yes--chairs. The town even has an annual Chair Fair. But you just get the chair. First, you order the chairs. Then you pick up the chairs. Next you take the chairs to be painted. And finally you cart the chairs home to enjoy. To finish our chairs, we used a young man and young woman in Patzcuaro who paint remarkable free-hand decorations. This pretty chair would brighten up any breakfast!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Theatre in the Colonial Pueblo of Patzcuaro

Theatre in Patzcuaro -Teatro en Patzcuaro
Te juro Juana que tengo ganas
(I swear, Juana, that I have an itch for you)

Play by Emilio Carballido

Patzcuaro is full of surprises, you just have to figure out by the tortuous chayote-vine where and when to find them. The Grupo Echeri Teatro (echeri means our land in Purhepecha) is performing Emilio Carballido’s comedy in April and May 2007, under the auspices of CEDRAM (Centro Dramatico de Michoacan). We saw the play. It was entertaining--and funny! A good parody.

The small, simple theatre adjacent to CREFAL on Avenida Lazaro Cardenas is a cozy venue. The grounds are lovely, and I enjoy these gatherings of Patzcuarense audience and actors.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Patzcuaro: Construction Tools for Tomas, Diego and Ari

If you are headed for Patzcuaro's Plaza Chica to one of the hardware stores, one of these may be what you are seeking.

Construction Tools - English-Spanish

Bolt - Tornillo
--Head = cabeza
--Nut = tuerca
--Threaded rod = rosca
C-clamp - Prensa en C
Crescent wrench - Perico
--Thumbscrew = tornillo
--Handle = mango
Drill bit, auger - Broca salomónica
Drill bit, twist -Broca
Drill, electric - Taladro eléctrico
--Pistol grip handle = mango
--Auxiliary handle = mango auxiliar
--Switch = interruptor
--Switch lock = seguro del interruptor
Framing square - Escuadra
Hammer, carpenter’s - Martillo de carpintero
Hammer, claw - Martillo de uña
--Claw = uña--Handle = mango
Handsaw - Serrucho
--Blade = segueta
--Handle = asa
Ladder, extension - Escalera de extensión
--Locking device = broche
--Hoisting rope = cuerda de elevación
--Rung = travesaño
--Anti-slip shoes = zapata antideslizante
Ladder, platform - Escalera de plataforma
Ladder, step - Escalera de tijera
Level - Nivel
Mallet - Mazo
Nail - Clavo
Paint roller - Rodillo de pintor
Paint scraper - Raspador
Paint tray - Bandeja
Pliers, channel-lock - Alicates de extensión
--Adjustable channel = canal de ajuste
Pliers, needle-nose - Pinzas de punta
Pliers, vice-grips (locking pliers) - Alicates de presión
--Adjusting screw = tornillo de ajuste
--Release lever = liberador del seguro
Pliers, slip joint - Pinzas de pivote móvil
--Plier handles = mango
Saw, circular - Sierra circular
--Circular saw blade = disco de sierra circular
--Blade = disco
--Trigger switch = interruptor de gatillo
--Blade tilting mechanism = escala de inlinación
Screw - Tornillo
Screwdriver - Destornillador
Tape measure - Cinta de medir

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Oops. It must be the language barrier.

Señora V. speaks some English. She commented that she understands written English more easily than spoken English. It holds still. During a conversation, an americana asked her if there are many Muslims in the Patzcuaro region. “,” Señora V. said she replied in careful English. “We have them domesticated and wild. We eat many. They are very tasty.” When she listened attentively to what must have seemed a torrent of foreign sound, the phonemes of Muslims and mushrooms apparently merged for Señora V.