Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Carissa Plant at La Jacaranda

The exotic "Carissa" plant that Glen purchased at the vivero was planted and is flourishing at La Jacaranda.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Leaf Wraith

He comes every morning at his self-appointed hour and begins grooming the green and moist garden. If I awaken, I can vaguely sense some quiet and shadowy movement. Then, gradually, the predawn sky faintly illumines this faithful figure and forecasts the light which will come.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Night of the Dead in the Patzcuaro Region

In the colonial pueblo of Patzcuaro itself, the vigil at graveside to remember the dead takes place during the day on the 2nd of November, as is customary in most of urban Mexico. However, in the Purhepecha communities around Lake Patzcuaro, families and friends gather around the graves at night, la Noche de Muertos, often staying until dawn. Plaintive a capella pirecuas float on the chill night air as singers move from grave to grave. Food and drink are shared. Each Purhepecha community around Lake Patzcuaro maintains its own traditions and decorates the graves in a distinctive style which often includes handcrafted items representative of the community. People come from all over Mexico, as well as from many other countries, to witness the distinctive celebrations of the area surrounding Lake Patzcuaro.

Marigold petals beckon returning souls to the altars and graves filled with bounty along a path of bright color points. Here these souls will commune with the loved ones they left behind. Deceased children, called angelitos, are remembered on November 1st, and homage is paid to demised adults through the night ending November 2nd.