Friday, April 19, 2013

I Still Want One

In case you didn't see this: Just think, Erongarícuaro would just be a hop, skip and jump across the lake from Pátzcuaro.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Safety in Patzcuaro, Mexico

The date on this post "slipped"--oops--so I am reposting it.

From time to time someone inquires about personal safety in Pátzcuaro. In an online Michoacan forum, a resident of nearby Santa Clara posted a succinct commentary that, in my opinion, reflects the general attitude of expatriates living full- or part-time in this area. With permission, I publish John Powell’s summary below.
Opinion on Mexico safety. I lived in Guanajuato in 2004-2005. Then moved to Santa Clara del Cobre 2005-2007. December 2007 I returned to the US. Then moved back October 8, 2010. I live in Santa Clara del Cobre now, love it, love the people, love the sense of history, love the architecture, love the sense of pride people have of being Mexicans and have no plans to leave. So, in my opinion.....
(1) The border towns should be avoided.
(2) Don't associate with people who buy/sell drugs.
(3) Don't go to bars into the wee hours
(4) Don't go to "bad" neighborhoods
(5) Don't engage in "risky" behaviors (you know what they are, right? Don't do in Mexico what you wouldn't do in downtown central city Buffalo.)
(6) The conflict is typically between the police, Federales, military and "bad guys". The fight is mostly between those groups. They surely have had well publicized shootings. None target expats. None target visitors/tourists. I suppose there's always a chance of a stray bullet or some other horror, but it's a pretty slim chance.
(7) There are always criminales....relatively small time. If you have troubles at all it would more likely be from them than the really bad cartel guys. Mostly property theft or damage.
(8) MSM (mainstream media) in the US has been nothing less than relentless on reporting all the gory bloody details. Fortunately for our US friends the media doesn't report US crime nearly as colorfully and vividly. Just because they don't report it in the same way does not mean it isn't happening. It is.
(9) Leave the expensive jewelry at home. Don't flash wads of cash. Don't make yourself a target, just as you wouldn't in the US.

Mexico's interior, IMO, is just fine thanks. I'm not concerned whatever about going to concerts, movies, art openings/shows, restaurants or a walk in the zocalo most anywhere. I confess I'm back home before 10 pm most of the time. I do drive at night (against all advisories) but have never had troubles.
John PowellSanta Clara, Michoacan, Mexico
Note – A number of people whom I know do avoid driving at night for a number of reasons, or else they make careful choices about where and when.
Come to Patzcuaro.