Friday, July 1, 2011

Patzcuaro’s Lacquer Folk Art

Pátzcuaro is known for its hand-loomed textiles and for its ornate and beautiful lacquerware that is hand-painted with brilliant colors highlighted with gold leaf.

From time to time, I visit Lacas Pátzcuaro, located at Dr. Coss 10-A, just south of Plaza Grande. I like to watch the owner there paint free-hand his intricate designs. He tells me that his business has been continuously in operation for over fifty years, started by his father before him. I note the rubric Maestro José Ramírez Guido & Sons on his business card.

plato laca (1)

plato laca (2)

We wanted a special gift to take to a cousin in Europe so I called on Maestro Ramírez. I chose a plate with a design that included the Monarch butterfly. The Maestro suggested personalizing the piece with the name of the recipient. Not wanting to mar the artistry of his work, I asked him to put the name and dedication on the back and was pleased with the results.

plato laca (6)plato laca (11)

Maestro Ramírez will do custom pieces for you. Don’t miss visiting him if you have the opportunity.

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