Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pineapple Pottery

piña 1

Lisa Orr, MFA and potter, has a passion for the pottery of Mexico. When she could not find any videos or films to share her love and knowledge of the craft and art, she decided to produce her own with the aid of a cinematographer. Her first documentary was Pottery of Mexico Vol 1:  Pineapples of Patamban and San José de Gracia (Michoacán). Lisa sent me this video and with the collaboration and kindness of Eric and Vicky of Patzcuaro’s charming Posada Yolihuani, last week we were able to show the documentary to a number of interested people. It is well done and informative. One sees the renowned piña pottery with new appreciation.

documental cerámicas piñas 016

Lisa will soon release a documentary on Mexico’s Árboles de Vida (Trees of Life). The third documentary in the series will feature the pottery of Ocumicho, Michoacán, and show the influence of master potter Marcelino Vicente. Some of maestro Vicente’s pieces are in the collection of the Museo Regional de Artesanías de Pátzcuaro. It is a pleasure to see the tribute that Lisa’s documentaries pay to Michoacán artisans.

I was put in contact with Lisa Orr by friend and fellow writer Philip Russell, an historian of Mexico. We expect both Lisa and Philip to visit us in Pátzcuaro within a few months, on a trip relative to the Ocumicho film.

Some links:
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The History of Mexico by Philip Russell (2010)
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Un Taco de Ojos

When this young man was introduced to a Pátzcuaro dama she exclaimed, "¡Es un taco de ojos!" (a taco for the eyes). I love this Mexican expression for good-looking, a hunk... Mexicanos wax poetic about their favorite kinds of tacos and taquitos so the metaphor is a supreme and piquant compliment.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Face of Patzcuaro

People: the face of Patzcuaro and surrounding areas.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mistongo, Fiesta and Frida

The Pátzcuaro Friends of the Biblioteca Federal Pública Gertrudis Bocanegra recently held their annual fundraising event. The venue was again Restaurante Mistongo with the collaboration of Susi Santiago. Susi's varied and tasty botanas were much appreciated, especially the pizza freshly made by her nephew. All profits from ticket sales, $100 pesos each, and the silent auction will benefit the library.

Hospitable and smiling Susi from Argentina, owner of the Mistongo Restaurant.

Eating and dancing while doing good works...

Among many very nice items donated for the fund raiser was a luxurious, boxed art book entitled Frida de Frida. The evening's silent auction concluded with an overt bidding war over the book. This final mêlée was not so silent, quite humorous and very profitable.

Thanks to the Amigos de la Biblioteca, to Susi Santiago of the Mistongo, and to all who participated for making this event such a success. If you weren't there you missed an enjoyable evening for a good cause.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Me in My Fig Leaf

Aha. Got your attention in a devious way.

We planted a little stick of a thing at La Jacaranda and it has flourished into a lush fig tree. This year, after practicing for a few seasons, the tree is laden with fruit. The figs ripen into a deep wine color and taste delicious. I love birds, but right now I wish my blankety-blank little feathered friends would stop beating us to the ripe figs.