Saturday, March 14, 2009

Patzcuaro: The Rites of Spring

March in Patzcuaro brings the delights of springtime. Every year the children parade in the Centro, delighting in the fine weather and their colorful costumes. Patzcuarenses clearly enjoy the activities of their which the rest of us are privileged to share.

Los niños se ven preciosos. See Patzcuaro: Spring Parade photos on Flickr.

You could be walking to the plaza from your house in Patzcuaro.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Discovering Patzcuaro

From a recent Mexico travelers' blog post, I excerpt the following testimonial to our fair pueblo:

"Monika picked another wonderful hotel - La Casa Encantada. Patzcuaro is a small, colonial city which has a great feel - gringo free. When we arrived, there was a huge festival going on and the whole city was alive - music, dancers, and a marching band making the same route that we did through the city earlier. We finished the day with a great steak dinner at an authentic Argentinian restuarant with a guitar [toting] crooner and his pint-sized back-up. Tomorrow we head to the lake for some more exploring."

Indeed, we do have frequent festivities and parades.

You can easily buy a colonial style house and a lifestyle in magical Patzcuaro.