Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Calling a Cell Phone Number in Mexico

Do you want to call someone with a Mexico cell phone number? This may not be for the faint of heart. Here goes:

From the U.S.
To a cell phone in Mexico, you must insert a "1" between the country code and the area (lada) code:

In Mexico

From a land line phone to a cell phone with a different area code:
Dial 045 before the area code and number - 045-888-888-8888

From a land line phone to a cell phone with the same area code:
Dial 044 before the area code and number - 044-888-888-8888

From cell phone to cell phone:
Simply dial the area code and number - 888-888-8888

Telephone numbers are usually broken into two-digit segments in Mexico. The U.S. convention of 434-342-8888 would be expressed as 43-43-42-88-88, but sometimes as 434-3-42-88-88. The different style of breaking up the numbers equally confuses persons from both sides of the Rio Bravo/Rio Grande.


Charles said...

That's a pain. Are iPhones available in Mexico?

blaaa said...

yes, they have iphones in mexico - as far as i know.

Calling Phones in mexico is always a bother. The connection from Germany is so baldy that you can barely hear anyone.
Have a great day and just in case you want to check out my blog :
it's about me living in Sonora and learning Spanish :D

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