Thursday, June 26, 2008

We are back Patzcuareando...

Our plane arrives over two hours late at the Morelia airport and at 10:00 PM we start the drive to Pátzcuaro in light rain. We arrive at La Jacaranda and when we unlock and open our portón the myriad and tiny blossoms of the huele-de-noche (Night Jessamine - Cestrum nocturnum) that stands as a tall sentinel just inside the gate drench us in their heavy perfume. Scents act upon a primitive part of the brain to conjure up vivid visions, emotions and memories. This exotic night scent is the perfect welcome back.
We sleep heavily and awake in the morning to fresh temperatures of 58F outside and 68F inside in this high mountain climate.We breakfast at El Patio on the Plaza Grande--a tradition when we arrive and have yet to reprovision our kitchen with fresh produce. The owners of El Patio, as always, greet us warmly. We enjoy many familiar faces.

Then we go to purchase the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables available in this region. Eggs are sold loose and by weight. I forgot to bring my egg carton to transport them and so carry them gingerly.

After the afternoon comida I walk to Ribepan in the Centro. I float through a cloud of rich aromas to select freshly baked breads.
That is all for today, folks.

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