Monday, July 27, 2009


Biblioteca Gertrudis Bocanegra, Patzcuaro, Mexico

The library needs donations of books and digital equipment. Their budget barely covers costs of operation and is not adequate for purchases. Spanish language books are put into the library. English language books are sold to the expatriate community to raise money, with a few being shelved for English-speaking borrowers. The Director, Gloria Blancas Lopez, has dedicated her whole professional life to the library. In order to obtain the software she needs to put the books catalog on computer, she has to show that she has a dedicated computer, which she needs to acquire.

The library fills a need great need for students in Patzcuaro. It is their only resource for books and research. The library also provides children with free computer classes as well as classes in the arts and crafts that are well-known and traditional to the region.

Many of our friends in Austin have been very generous. They provided us with a good load of books and other items which we took for the library in our pick-up. We hope to take items donated by Travis Country residents soon.
Where in the heck is Pátzcuaro?
The library's magnificent mural.


Felipe Zapata said...

Gloria is, as they say, buena gente. So are her kids. Did you know she was married to a doctor, and he died in an auto accident a good many years ago?

Tracy Novinger said...

Yes, I did. Gloria is a good friend. Her daughter is now a physician and her son soon will be.