Saturday, June 19, 2010

El Potro

I always enjoy listening to El Potro de Pátzcuaro, Gregorio Rodríguez, while sitting at La Surtidora with my cafecito. He said he is available for parties and special occasions, and with my cousins we purchased his CD. You can contact him at elpotro1_1 [insert at sign] hotmail dot com.


Felipe said...

This fellow, as you´ve noticed is extremely talented. He performed at my wedding in the interior patio of my sister-in-law´s home on the Plaza Grande back in 2002.

What you may not know, and I find interesting, is that he is extremely religious. I don´t think he´s Catholic like most Mexicans but adheres to some more fundamentalist beliefs.

This has caused him on occasion to give up performing. These breaks don´t seem to last long, however, and he always gets back to it. I think it´s because it´s all he knows, and he has to support himself and his wife.

He´s a little odd, but really a nice guy. Both sings and plays very well.

Tracy Novinger said...

Good voice, smiling personality. If he performed for the wedding of El Divo de Tzu y La Guapa Señora, no wonder I liked him. My cousins are now enjoying his CD in France.

Felipe said...

He sings better than he sounds on the video here. Or perhaps it´s just my low-end computer speakers.

Tracy Novinger said...

I also think that his voice is better than on his "demo" video.