Saturday, November 13, 2010

Drive Pátzcuaro to Nuevo Laredo

There has been interest expressed in some specifics for the drive from Pátzcuaro to the border at Nuevo Laredo, using the bypass on the West side of Querétaro. Your mileage may vary from mileage given here, depending on the route taken through Morelia.

000.0 mi – Tanganxuan Glorieta in front of Aurrera, Pátzcuaro

Drive through Morelia and take cuota to Salamanca

104.1 mi – At Salamanca, take cuota toward Querétaro
N 20˚35.318” W 101˚08.311” (approx. coordinates)

149.0 mi – Right hand exit to Santa Rosa Jauregui/San Luís Potosí and to Mex #57
N 20˚ 34.248” W 100˚ 29.026”

Follow signs Sta Rosa Jauregui / San Luis Potosi toward Mex #57

165.4 mi – Do NOT exit at Santa Rosa Jauregui

166.4 mi – Follow sign to San Luís Potosí

167.0 mi – Join Mex #57 North

279.0 mi – El Potosino Parador Turístico

Bypass San Luís Potosí

Go into Matehuala (there is an option to bypass)

398.7 mi – Las Palmas Restaurant and Hotel, Matehuala

465.0 mi – San Pedro Parador Turístico
N 24˚ 29.738” W 100˚ 17.693

524.6 mi – Monterrey-Saltillo > Cuota
N 25˚ 10.501” W 100˚ 43.727

546.0 mi – Saltillo bypass, right exit
N 25˚ 26.070” W 100˚ 48.287”

559.5 mi – Take right exit > Saltillo-Monterrey
N 25˚ 35.108” W 100˚ 52.755”

563.2 mi – Exit again right > Morones Prieto (via new cuota)
N 25˚ 36.825” W 100˚ 50.171

581.0 mi – Exit right > Nvo Laredo Cuota Mex #40
N 25˚ 41.786” W 100˚ 34.655”

606.mi – Go left/North > Nvo Laredo Mex #85 via cuota
N 25˚ 50.880” W 100˚ 14.882”

609.5 mi – At this Y stay on cuota

656.0 mi – El Rancho Parador Turístico, hotel and restaurant, Cuota Km 99
N 26˚ 30.119” W 100˚ 00.703

718.4 mi. – Alternate border crossing: Exit to Colombia Bridge (at approx. km 207 of Cuota)

Arriving in Nvo Laredo, follow signs to Zona Centro & Puente I

730.6 mi – At the Y, go left.
N 27˚ 27.087” W 099˚ 31.084”

Follow this curving road around. You will pass a turn-off to left where car permits are processed.

734.0 mi – Nvo Laredo Puente I into the U.S.
N 27˚ 29.873” W 099˚ 30.479”


Felipe said...

And no narcos, no Zetas, no hijackings, no roadblocks by organized crime at all?

Tracy Novinger said...


Tracy Novinger said...

Thanks, Tracy, for posting this travel information. I, too, recently made the trip between Patzcuaro and San Antonio. For those who want a more economical place to stay, there's a no-tell motel (or what some of us call a sex motel) on the north side of Matehuala, not far from Las Palmas but on the opposite side of the road. A private garage and security gate are provided, the rooms are clean and quiet, and the plumbing works. I stayed one night at El Rancho....a bit more expensive and noisy due to road traffic than I would like but I rec'd a discount by eating at the adjacent buffet. The restaurant's food was tasty, and I appreciated the variety.

I tried to post these comments on your blog but wasn't able laptop just came back from the shop and still has some issues.


Paty said...

Your map and written directions don't match. Did you mean for that to happen? Thanks for all the work you did!!

Tracy Novinger said...

Right you were, Paty. Fixed that map.