Saturday, September 3, 2011

Buén Provecho Salad

Just look at this mouth-watering assortment of tasty greens complete with edible flowers, ready for a dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. At Patzcuaro’s Buén Provecho Mercado at Posada Yolihuani on Friday mornings, Gaby sells her home-grown, hand-picked, washed and disinfected salad greens, packaged and crisped, ready to place by the handful in a salad bowl. This effortless salad was a  taste bud treat.patz museo 002I like the Buén Provecho Mercado. Yesterday I purchased salad greens, a loaf of Ivo’s whole grain bread, brownies to indulge in with dark-roast-espresso-machine-home-brewed fragrant coffee, and tamales. I am crazy for tamales and my all-time favorite is the Oaxacan tamal wrapped in banana leaf. Much to my delight, these are now being offered. There are other treats to be procured in this venue, I am just citing some of my favorites. And I get to see nice people in a charming setting.

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Felipe Zapata said...

I like tamales. I just wish they were not so incredibly unhealthy as usually prepared.

Oddly, the best tamales I have ever eaten I used to get from a coworker in Houston whose Mexican wife made them every Christmas. Never had one in Mexico even half as good.

I stopped by that mercado just once some months ago and thought it was incredibly expensive, but they are specialty item, so that's a justification for it.

jennifer rose said...

At Chiapas Cafe at the outlet mall between HomeDepot and Walmart in Morelia, Chiapas and Oaxaca tamales are available every day of the week. And they're very good, too.

Tracy Novinger said...

Yes, for me Patzcuaro's Buen Provecho Mercado is for treats, not staples. And I am making a note of Morelia's Chiapas Café...