Sunday, October 11, 2009

Galería La Mano Gráfica

Artémio Rodriguez, talented Tacámbaro print maker, and his wife, Maestra Silvia Capistrán, recently opened an art gallery in Pátzcuaro on Plaza de la Basílica.

Galeria La Mano Gráfica faces the Basílica.
La Basílica

On Friday, October 9, La Mano Gráfica presented a collection of photographs titled "We are Different, We are the Same." Richard Geoffrion's photographs depict wonderful faces and personalities of Cuban people. Monsieur Geoffrion is of Montreal, Canada.

Photographer Richard Geoffrion

Personalities in Print

Well-known and much appreciated musicians Diego (son) and Hector (father), of Patzcuaro added to the pleasure of the evening.

Artemio Rodriguez, Linocut & Woodblock Prints
La Mano Gráfica
Your Patzcuaro Home.


Joy said...

Love your blog! I have a t-shirt that I love from La Mano, with a screenprint of Rodriguez's. And my friends bought a very large work of his to hang in their home.

Patzcuaro is great - how lucky you are!

Tracy Novinger said...

How nice to hear you have visited the gallery. His t-shirts are great! And, yes,I am very fortunate.