Saturday, October 17, 2009

What's Cooking at La Jacaranda

Today for our comida at 2:00 pm, we will eat these Chiles Rellenos, poblano peppers stuffed with a picadillo of meat with raisins, and smothered with a sauce of tomatoes. Agua de guayaba, rice and a salad will nicely complement this dish. We will, as usual, eat outside on the back portal overlooking the garden. Hummingbirds come to the Flowering Maple all year long.
I popped the Chiles in the oven to finish off the cooking. They smell good!

For Patzcuaro living.


Felipe said...

Looks gooood.

Tracy Novinger said...

It was!

Victoria said...

Hi Tracy, it looks delicious... is the recipe somewhere on your site??

I've been browing your website and also noticed your mention of flowering maple. While I can find the latin name, do you know what it's called locally? And of course also wondering where you found it.

yes, I'm 'local', sort of... between St. Clara & Zirahuen. Thx!

Tracy Novinger said...

This recipe for Chiles Rellenos is in my head. Sorry it is not on my site. I do need write it out...

The Flowering Maple was given to me by a friend. I have tried planting and rooting cuttings without success--trying again. I understand that it is called campanitas, farolitos, linternas japonesas...but those names are not recognized in viveros or at the Plazuela San Francisco on Fridays. I now carry a photo of it when looking for it. It grows profusely in Parque Eduardo Ruiz in Uruapan--tried a vivero in Uruapan last week because I want at least 2 more plants (no luck there, either).

In the meantime, in response to my laments, my friend said she will root or procure me another plant or two.