Wednesday, October 17, 2007

An Argentine Sean Connery on the Bandoneon in Patzcuaro

An Argentine Sean Connery graced the stage of the Teatro Caltzontzin in Patzcuaro tonight, wrapped in the persona of bandoneon player Rodolfo Mederos. With guitar and contrabass players, the trio first bathed us in arrangements of a mellow tango jazz sound. They then shot out the dramatic staccato notes of traditional tango, straightening backs and sharpening gestures into geometrical angles in the audience. The simpatico Mederos charmed spectators with stories of growing up steeped in the sounds of tango.

This performance in Patzcuaro was an extension of the 35th Festival Internacional Cervantino in Morelia, offered free to a full house, which included at least three Argentines who reside in this colonial pueblo. Last week, Patzcuaro had a week of free cinema, as an extension of Morelia’s film festival. These are some of the pleasures of living in Patzcuaro.

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