Sunday, October 14, 2007

Restaurant La Mansion del Cupatitzio, Uruapan, Mexico

Sunday Morning

We were hungry for the bountiful Mexican buffet brunch at Restaurant La Mansion del Cupatitzio in Uruapan. So on a cool misty morning in the highlands of Michoacan, we left Patzcuaro to descend some 3,000 ft. to Uruapan, at the beginning of the hot country. Uruapan is at altitude of some 4200 ft. Half-way through the one hour drive we were in bright sunshine, admiring mountains and avocado orchards.

We brunched at an outside table in the flowered gardens of La Mansion del Cupatitzio, watching butterflies and listening to the plaintive, descending serenade of a jilguero, longing to fly from its cage.

In addition to the offerings of the buffet, one can select omelettes and taquitos made to order. I had fresh, steaming taquitos of huitlacoche--Mexican corn truffles.

After strolling through the grounds, we left for the waterfalls of Tzararacua, ten kms south of Uruapan.

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