Monday, November 9, 2009

Patzcuaro Market

The Patzcuaro market offers a profusion of fresh produce, throngs of people and heterogeneous wares every day of the week. Visit this market to feast your eyes and senses or to buy for an edible feast.


Rich Mont said...

These are great pictures. I'd like to share them with relatives in the States if I may.

Tracy Novinger said...

Please do. Thank you, Rich.

miguel said...

I really enjoy going to Patzcuaro`s popular Market.I simply love the colors, the smells , the "cheering" people seelling or buying very fresh fruit,vegetables,fish....It´s a real wonderful experience must see!!!

Tracy Novinger said...

Miguel, I appreciate your enthusiasm. It really is a sensory pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Nice memories. It's also an amazing thing viewed from above - unless you're paying attention, at first you're not apt to realize the tarps overhead are all different colors.

And since I considered tall any of the locals who stood taller than my shoulder height, I was constantly on the lookout for eye-popping (literally) metal tubes, and constantly ducking.

Here in Uruguay we have férias in different places on different days, with exceptionally fresh produce, none of which, as far as I can tell, comes from more than a couple hundred kilometers away. Usually you can buy at least two kinds of incredibly fresh lettuce, a couple varieties of tomatoes, fish from the ocean a few blocks away.

Alas, no Oaxaca cheese or corn tortillas ("tor-TI-zhas" ;-)