Monday, November 23, 2009

Sing for your Supper

One evening recently, we opted for a big Patzcuaro night out and went for a bowl of soup on the Plaza Grande. The customers at the next table stopped a strolling guitarist and the three of them regaled us with all of the couple's favorite Mexican ballads for almost half an hour. We enjoyed listening and watching them have such a good time.


Felipe said...

La Surtidora, eh?

One thing that always amazes me (to a low degree) is that one rarely spots a Gringo around the plaza in the late afternoons and, especially, not at night. They just ain´t there.

In the early mornings, you will spot them, but not at night.

Now you may like those strolling musicians, and I use the word loosely, but I do not. While I realize they are trying to making a living, it can be very annoying when you´re trying to converse or just enjoy the evening peace and they come stand next to you and start howling.

There are a few I do like, but most I do not. One of the ones I do like is a group of about four or five. They´re great. The singer is so old and so incredibly bad that he´s good.

Tracy Novinger said...

It is true that the ersatz musicians make conversation impossible, nor could one easily converse next to this trio. However, they engaged us with their enthusiasm. Visiting from Morelia, they said.

miguel said...

Hi Tracy:

I really enjoy ypur blog "Paztcuareando".You should talk about the nights in Patzcuaro; I find them really wonderful.
Now that you´re talking about local artists.I must say that some singers are well talented, but some others are really noisy, specially those kids that only "sing" for a piece of money,they should be at school! (Mexican poverty)I know.
I`ve seen some singers near the market at night.There are "norteños",Some trova singers at Plaza Don vasco near the portals.But, what about some clubs near downtown like "gato negro", the "cafes", you can hear the music coming inside those places, specially on week ends.

hope , you can write about Christmans soon, thank ypu!

Tracy Novinger said...

Thank you. I'm glad you like Patzcuareando. I don't do clubs--I will leave that up to you. By the way, where is your profile?

Margaret said...

Hi Tracy,

What a wonderful blog. My husband an I fell in love with Patzcuaro and the surrounding area last summer and are considering it for our retirement spot. Finding your website has made the idea even more exciting. We plan to be in Patzcuaro sometime next month. Any advice is welcome. Thanks.
Margaret McNutt

Tracy Novinger said...

Margaret, I look forward to meeting you next month. Email me directly so that I can contact you. You can find my email address at
Regards, Tracy