Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yunuén via Ucazanástacua

The last time Glen and I went to Yunuén, we were ferried in a canoe, a little bigger than the one pictured here.

For this visit there were seven of us, so we got the Big Boat Treatment. We told our cousins that they could not return to France until they could say they had gone to "Yunuén via Ucazanástacua".

Approaching Yunuén. (There had been a lot of rain, so the lake waters were muddy.)

We walked around the island, and stopped here for a cool drink. This was definitely not a commercial venue. There are only five resident Purhépecha families, all related, and we saw one lone visitor other than ourselves. It was a big day for visitors! Yunuén is a tranquil place and represents traditional life on one of the small islands of Lake Pátzcuaro. Orchids and egrets abound.


Felipe said...

Never been on any of those islands, save Janitzio just once, in the ten years I have lived here. Shame on me, I guess.

And I´ll never return to Janitzio which is primarily a tourist trap, in my opinion.

But this island looks like it´s worth a visit.

Tracy Novinger said...

Yup. That is why we went to Yunuén and not Janitzio.