Sunday, April 25, 2010


With our cousins, when we went to Paricutín, we started the day with the Sunday brunch of traditional Michoacán foods at the lovely Mansión del Cupatitzio, next to Parque Nacional Barrancas del Cupatitzio. The sun was out, illuminating the lovely flowered garden and we sat outside, as we always do.

After we were replete with wonderfully ripe fruit, exotic juices, and a variety of specialty dishes which included what I have dubbed Corn Truffles (huitlacoche), we walked through the park which is like a tropical forest, where we enjoyed the sound of the clear, running, spring-fed water.

Waters of Cupatitzio
Restaurant La Mansión del Cupatitzio

Play in Patzcuaro


Felipe said...

I used to eat in the hotel restaurant fairly often. They had, maybe still do, great avocado cocktails.

Haven´t been there in quite a spell. Thanks for the reminder.

Tracy Novinger said...

I love the avocados of Michoacán.